How is IP and confidentiality dealt with?

Your employees in India are legally bound to your employment terms. Your employment contract/terms are enacted and enforceable via Insourcehire (the employer of record).

How can I be sure of candidate quality?

It can be a tricky task to identify and lock down the best software engineers in a place where the number of potential candidates is so high. We have a proven track record of hiring the right developers for the job, along with a tried and tested process that we work through to achieve that outcome.

Will I save on salary costs?

India-based hiring used to come in at a lower cost than hiring in SA. This is still true for junior to mid-level developers. However, you can expect to pay around the same amount for high level Indian employees due to more Global North hiring activity in India since the remote-working boom.

Why not outsource to an Indian third-party firm?

Outsourcing comes with a host of difficulties best avoided, from hourly rates, slow progress, being assigned junior engineers without the necessary experience, lack of control over your project, confidentiality and IP worries, lack of transparent invoicing, to the sheer lack of having a dedicated and loyal team that you can rely on.

What about English profiency and communication?

Communication is obviously an important factor to take into account when deciding on a hire which is why we assess language and communication skills first when longlisting candidates.

Most applicants can speak and understand English well.

How long does the process take?

We can send you suitable candidates within a week of starting the hiring process.

From the start of the process to your employee’s start date? This can vary significantly depending on your requirements and the selected candidates notice period – minimum 1 week, maximum 3 months. We work with you for as long as it takes to find the right hires for your organisation.

We are open to urgent hiring and will do what we can to make the process as fast as possible.

What are the implications of time differences?

India is 3.5 hours ahead of South African standard time. This overlap works well, especially considering that in many Indian regions it is standard to start the working day earlier and end it later than we do.

We, and our clients find that the time difference has no negative effect on the work cycle at all, in fact it can be helpful, as it extends your usual 8 hour work day.

How does technical testing work within the hiring process?

We ask our clients to choose the questions for their required technical testing on our Testdome account.

If you have your own Testdome account you are welcome to use it – we ask for viewing access though so we can keep track of candidate scores.

Remote working vs office working

Most employees in India are happy to work from home or from an office.

It is possible to build a team that is office based in India if that is what your organisation prefers. Employees are often willing to relocate to different areas in India in order to join a team if necessary.

We offer assistance in getting teams or employees set up in a co-working office. Co-working office space in India is more cost effective than in SA, ranging between

R1 500 – R3 000 per month per employee based on where your employees are located.

Work culture

The highly competitive nature of Indian society has resulted in a strong culture of hard work, especially in the technology field.

More often than not, Indian employees are willing to go above and beyond to meet employer expectations and requirements. Working extra hours/after hours is common practice when required, so don’t be surprised if you get work related messages after hours and on weekends.

Saturday is also commonly considered a working day by Indian IT companies which rotate staff to work every second Saturday.

How do I equip my employee/s with hardware?

It’s easy to get hardware to your employee/s – you can order online and have items delivered to their address. If they move on, we have premises in Mumbai and Ahmedabad where we can hold hardware for you until it needs to be sent to another employee.

How long do we hire through you?

Our business model is based on passing on to our clients the cost advantages we obtain through managing large amounts of employees. Our clients find it far more cost effective to hire through us than to set up and maintain an entity in India.

If you do decide to register your own entity in India and no longer hire and manage your Indian HR through Insourcedev as an employer of record, we can point you in the right direction.
You would however, need to honour the pay-out structure as set out in our service agreement.

Dismissal and replacement

Indian labour regulations are very different from those of SA.

You can give your employees notice at any time during their employ as per the employment agreement in place.

If you are not happy with an employee’s performance, or they opt to leave your employ within their first 3 months, we endeavour to find you a suitable replacement for no additional cost. We also recommend a standard 3 month probation period with review, built into the employment agreement.

Leave and public holidays

Your Indian employees get 10 gazetted public holidays per year as well as 3 non-gazetted holidays of their choice, giving them the same total number of holidays as South African employees (13).

We provide you with a list of the gazetted holidays at the start of each year. You will be asked to update us on leave days taken at the end of each month.

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